RCRA Sponsors

Want to help sponsor the Red Cedar Repeater Association?

Suggested 2006 sponsorship support:

$25  *  Individuals
$30  *  Families

For more information on sponsorships, please contact:

Red Cedar Repeater Association
c/o KA9OMC Steve Hart
E616 810th Avenue
Knapp, Wisconsin 54749

Steve (KA9OMC) would also be pleased to talk to you about consignments and estates through RCRA. Chew it over with him at 715-665-2374.
WB9PMF Tim Rose
N9RSU Leroy Dick, Sr.
KA9OMC Steve Hart
KB9TLV John McDonald
Callsign Name Phone Position
KA9OMC Steve Hart 715-665-2374 Consignments and Estates Donations General
KA9ZAJ Jim Guenther 715-235-4488 Local ARRL Exam Coordinator  
KB9SGY David Garnett 715-874-6570 Public Relations Director
KB9TAC Andy Wagner   Web Site Host Extra
KB9ULF John Wagner 715-235-6271 Local Emergency Communication Guide Technician
KC9CRE Christopher Smith 715-664-8805 Web Page Manager
Callsign Name Address License
AA9UK Rod Steele 18944 54th Ave, Chippewa Falls Extra
AB9IE Norbert Wilson PO Box 1451, Eau Claire Extra
K0DL Don Lund N3997 Hwy 25, Menomonie Extra
K9IAG Ken Drake 1102 Ingalls Rd, Menomonie General
K9IKB Ken Kraft 478 South Skyline Drive, Roberts Extra
K9RRU Robert Spinti PO Box 386, Menomonie General
K9ZFY Everett Biles PO Box 81, Durand Technician
KA9OMC Steve Hart E616 810th Ave, Knapp General
KA9PVY Ken Reetz PO Box 491, Fall Creek Extra
KA9WZP Mary Purvis N8340 County Road O, Knapp General
KB9AGC Melvin Stang 1126 Rustic Road #4, Glenwood City Technician
KB9MMR Bill Kramer PO Box 232, Menomonie Technician
KB9NFG Heather Dick 44805 Birch Point Road, Cable Technician
KB9NKN David Bonjour 1202 River Heights Rd, Menomonie Technician
KB9PJL Robert Rohrssen N5574 863rd St, Elk Mound Technician
KB9PUT Sandy Nestingen 3105 Patton, Eau Claire General
KB9SGY David Garnett 6302 Curvue Re, Eau Claire General
KB9SHO Jarad Walther 1210 Wedgewood Ave, Eau Claire Technician
KB9TAC Andy Wagner 1116 Pleasant View Rd. #113, Middleton Extra
KB9TLV John McDonald PO Box 1002, Cumberland Technician
KB9UIC Jamie Schlaugat 7909 40th St, Colfax Technician
KB9ULF John Wagner E5247 710th Ave, Menomonie Technician
KB9UZY Ken Heintz N6574 280th St, Menomonie Extra
KB9VYF Lanny Roth 7871 85th Ave, Chippewa Falls General
KB9ZMI Ben Finley 605 Iverson Rd, Colfax Technician
KC0SNW Geoffrey Bitner 2280 Case Ave, Maplewood, Minnesota Technician
KC9CRE Christopher Smith PO Box 352, Menomonie Technician
KC9FIG Blaze Cunningham W965 State Road 29, Spring Valley Technician
KE9BM Ron Moody 9600 30th St, Colfax Extra
KE9CS Ken Dicks 7121 35th St, Colfax Extra
KF9CU Arlene Kraft E5460 Cty BB, Menomonie Advanced
KF9GU Howard Strom 6867 155 St, Bloomer Extra
KG0KM Rev. Rolf Nestingen 3105 Patton, Eau Claire Extra
KG9CT Chuck Brictson PO Box 117, Spring Valley Extra
N0AXT Gerald Tietz 804 Torchwood Ct., New Brighton, MN General
N0PDD Robert Stark, Sr 26 Erie Lane #25, Winona, MN General
N9ISN Al Schlaugat 7909 40th St, Colfax Extra
N9FVA Chuck Thomas E5279 750th Ave, Menomonie General
N9KNP Donna Modjeski-Chla 7909 40th St, Colfax General
N9LIJ Jim Fitzl 1418 Altoona Ave, Eau Claire Extra
N9LIV Ruth Ley 729 River Heights Rd, Menomonie Technician
N9LRV Gerald Leff N7771 540th St, Menomonie Technician
N9PPE Jeff Cole 1735 Dettloff St, Bloomer Extra
N9QVZ Patty Rose 1 Judith, Chippewa Falls Technician
N9RSU Leroy Dick, Sr. 44805 Birch Point Road, Cable Technician
N9UXD Joe Ousley, Jr. 761 Fischer Circle, Stillwater, Minnesota General
N9VOY Bob Rose 1 Judith, Chippewa Falls Technician
N9ZLX Linda Dick 44805 Birch Point Road, Cable Technician
NX9F Jim Ley 729 River Heights Rd, Menomonie Extra
NX9Z Stephen Bauder 508 Stanley, Boyceville Extra
W9CDL Chris Lantz 915 Fountain St, Eau Claire Technician
W9QAH Bruce Walther 3000 McClulloch St., Stevens Point Extra
W2XAB John Burningham PO Box 38, Menomonie Extra
WB8KLO John Weiss, Jr 205 Fryklund Hall, Menomonie Extra
WB9NSI Dave White 10400 Olson Dr, Eau Claire General
WB9PMF Tim Rose 7716 Cty Rd Q, Chippewa Falls Extra
WB9WKO Ron Purvis N8340 County Road O, Knapp Advanced
WD9ISQ Don Overbye N7245 910th St, River Falls General
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